Our Green Can advertising program is the perfect marriage of economic and social responsibility. It makes sense on so many levels.


Aim for the heart of coveted demographic
Our bright green, attention-getting bins are strategically located in high-density, high-traffic residential areas, such as apartment complexes, where they are highly visible to coveted demographic – the young consumer with a conscience.


A business decision that’s beyond smart
Our cost per view is close to $.01. That’s a big return on your investment. And that alone would make The Green Can a smart business decision. But the positive impression you’ll make on each viewer, resulting from your support of the recycling movement, is incalculable. Therefore, we believe “smart business decision” is somewhat of an understatement.


We place our bins where your prospects live
Our Green Can advertising program allows you to target not only demographically but geographically as well. We work with you to identify the high-density, high-traffic areas from which you are most apt to draw.


You pick the charity, we’ll support it
All the money we make from recycling aluminum cans, that’s 100%, goes to the charity of your choice. The Green Can program is supported entirely by income from advertising. This altruistic angle represents a wonderful opportunity for positive press about your company. Yes, your PR people should have a field day with this.